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Ground Operations
The PNG WICS is especially designed for high risk and high noise scenarios, where communication and situational awareness can be the difference between mission success or failure. Designed for special police operations, fire fighters and emergency teams, the PNG is adaptable to almost any land-based team that operates in high risk and high noise environment
The PNG is designed to allow personnel that disembark ground vehicles during civilian emergency operations the ability to communicate securely (encrypted) with the team both on the ground and still within the vehicle. As well as providing advanced integration options to mission systems and maps, for command and control fidelity.

Ground emergency units, both stationary and mobile are exposed to extreme high noises. Axnes’ proprietary Non Interrupted VOX allows the team to communicate clearly whilst greatly increasing hearing protection and cooperation between operators.

The PNG will allow emergency teams such as firefighters to communicate clearly in high wind, high noise and dangerous environments either beside the pump or at the end of the hose or during pump and drive operations to maintain communication. The PNG system being fully water proof, allows fire fighters to maintain communication even when getting wet.

Engineers & mechanics working on the vehicles during high noise operations also use the system to maintain clear communications increasing situational awareness both in the compound or in the field.