About Axnes
Founded in 1995, Axnes is a privately-owned company headquartered in Norway with offices in the United Kingdom, Austria, Australia, and the USA, as well as worldwide distribution through its partner network.
Developed and produced in Norway, Axnes products are widely recognised as industry leading. Axnes is an approved supplier to several aviation Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM), including Airbus, Leonardo, Sikorsky, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. and the US military. Today, more than 2,000 aircraft globally, use and benefit from Axnes wireless technology.

Although rooted in the aviation industry, having supplied its wireless intercom systems for almost two decades, the Axnes wireless intercom system is extremely adaptable and well suited to the challenging conditions experienced in demanding rescue, military and policing domains. The Axnes range of Wireless Intercom Systems can be intergrated with existing hard wired intercom systems or established as a stand alone system providing ultimate flexability in mission critical roles.
Introducing Polycon Next Generation (PNG) Wireless Intercom - allowing mounted and dismounted crew members to maintain full duplex communication in the toughest, noisiest and most extreme environmental conditions, no matter what the role.
Our mission

“To develop, manufacture and support professional wireless intercoms, providing our customers with increased mission capabilities, enhanced situational awareness and safety.”
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