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MP30 Handset
MP50 Handset
Control Panel
Base Station
Mobile Base Station
Our wireless intercom systems are designed to enhance situational awareness through improved communications capability.
The PNG System
The PNG system is Axnes’ newest and most versatile mission capable wireless ICS extension, which enables crew to maintain full duplex communication when leaving the platform at line of sight range. PNG, which stands for Polycon Next Generation consists of the Base Station, a Control Panel, one or more transceivers (MP50s and/or MP30s) and chargers for the transceivers.
BST30/35 Mobile Base Station
Versatility & Mobility in any situation.
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MP50 PNG Transceiver
The strongest and most robust handheld on the market
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MP30 PNG Transceiver
The most agile handheld transceiver
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CP50 PNG Control Panel
Full control of the PNG intercom system.
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BST50 PNG Base Station
The beating heart of the system.
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PNG Charger
Always ready for action.
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CHG30/35 PNG Charger
Charged and ready to go.
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The Polycon
The tried and tested polycon system provides a reliable wireless intercom in or outside the aircraft.
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PNG Accessories
We offer a range of suitable accessories for the PNG system – adaptors, headsets and helmets etc.
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