Axnes Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy (GDPR) came into force in the EU on 25th of May 2018. The purpose ofthe new act is to protect individuals and regulate how businesses will use the informationcollected. Personal information may be anything that can identify an individual directly orindirectly. Regular information that is considered personal information is social security number, name, mailing addresses and e-mail addresses. Even images, movies and sound recordings can be considered personal data. Axnes takes the new law seriously and it is important for us that our customers and other interested parties feel safe in how we collect and use personal information.

Axnes' Privacy Statement

Personal data should be obtained in a manner that does not harm personal privacy. All handling of personal data should be based on some form of legal basis, such as laws, agreements or Axnes' assignments.

Purpose of processing personal data
Axnes register e-mail, name, address and telephone number in order to contact you if needed in connection with your order and payment of such. This information is collected directly from our customers, and is required in order to do business with us.

In some cases we use the information collected to send you information about events / fairs and news related to our products. You may at any time desist to consent to Axnes' handling of your personal information, such as sending a newsletter to you.

Axnes uses Current I.T. Products including a CRM system to store the information. The Axnes I.T. system is in compliance with GDPR requirements, and we run a high level of security to ensure Data confidentiality. By engaging in business with us, you, as a customer, vendor, partner, or associate, implicitly consent to our handling of your relevant information about you for business purposes.

The rights of our customers
Axnes will have an overview of how the authorities require companies to handle personal data, according to Norwegian Law on the processing of personal data (Personal Data Act), LOV-2018-06-15-38. Axnes is responsible for processing of personal data, and we ask that we are contacted if you believe that your personal information has been treated incorrectly, that your personal integrity is in any way harmed, or you will correct incorrect personal information.

Please use the following e-mail address for any such inquiries:

Third Party
Axnes does not sell personal information to third parties. Nor is the information exchanged or disseminated to third parties.
AS9100 Approval Certificate
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