Grimstad, Norway, July 12, 2023 – Axnes, a leading provider of wireless communication solutions, is excited to announce the introduction of the MP30 Compact Base Station. The new Compact Base Station is the latest development from Axnes and is part of the PNG Wireless Intercom System (WICS) family.

The Compact Base Station comes in the form factor of the existing MP30 handheld transceiver, offering a simple to use keypad for operations, while maintaining the robust design that operators need to work in austere environments. The new base station comes equipped with an Amphenol 164 series connector and adapted firmware, this along with an included adapter cable will allow for a seamless interface to the Intercommunication System (ICS) of an Aircraft, Vehicle, or Watercraft.

The new PNG Compact Base Station will act as the system base station to provide wireless, full-duplex, handsfree audio network capability between the wireless users and half-duplex audio for the platform. The new PNG MP30 Compact Base Station operates just like the Axnes fixed installed BST50 base station or the mobile BST35 base station. Any standard PNG handset Transceiver within the programmed frequency band can connect to the new MP30 Compact Base Station allowing for future system scalability.

This economical solution enables users to enjoy the renowned audio noise suppression and quality, reliability, and situational awareness of the Axnes PNG WICS system at a more affordable investment cost. Furthermore, this new Axnes technology also provides a possible upgrade path in case a customer requires more capability in the future, as the MP30 Compact Base Station can be reconfigured to a standard MP30 Handheld Transceiver, protecting the user’s investment in case an upgrade to a BST50 or BST35 Base Station is desired in the future.

This new capability offers the operator independence from the traditional PNG system approach without sacrificing audio quality. Users who do not require the full capability set of a fixed installed BST50 or a mobile BST35 base station can benefit from the lower entry price point.

"With the introduction of the Compact Base Station capability, Axnes continues to drive innovation in wireless communication solutions," said Klaus Frühwirth, CMO of Axnes. "We are thrilled to offer this flexible option to our customers, providing a lower price point while maintaining the exceptional quality and functionality they expect from Axnes. A key value with the MP30 Compact Base Station is that it expands the reach of the PNG Wireless Intercom System (WICS) to a broader range of users and platforms."

Axnes' commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its customers has driven the development of flexible and scalable solutions like the Compact Base Station capability. The company's expertise in wireless intercom technology across various industries, including aerospace, defense, and maritime, ensures that users can rely on Axnes for their critical communication requirements. Cut the cord, go with Axnes!

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July 12, 2023