Colorado Springs, CO, USA, February 1, 2022 - Helibacon has teamed with Mission Wireless Intercom innovator Axnes to give their crews the ability to communicate with their customers during flight operations. Helibacon’s core values revolve around safety for their customers and crew. It is this focus on safety that led them to the Axnes PNG Wireless ICS (WICS) extension system for their helicopter operations. The AXNES WICS system will be used to improve communication, safety, and situational awareness for their crews and customers.  Operating out of College Station, Texas; Helibacon offers feral hog hunting expeditions and their Aerial Machine Gun experience to their customers from an industry leading Bell 212 HP helicopter. Helibacon is the first organization of its kind to adopt the AXNES WICS for their operations, demonstrating their commitment to improving safety within their company and industry.

The Axnes WICS gives the crew the ability to conduct critical communications with all the hunters or shooters onboard the aircraft during live fire evolutions and allows for continuous hands-free voice activated-VOX communication, eliminating the need for hand signals and shouting over the rotor and engine noise while maintaining real-time voice communications. Additionally, the PNG system frees the crew and shooters from the encumbrance of wired connections to the ICS, minimizing the potential for snag hazards or loss of communications. The Axnes PNG WICS gives the shooters the ability to move freely within as well as outside on the skids of Helibacon’s 212 helicopter. On those skids is where the Axnes PNG WICS really shines. The PNG system’s superior noise cancelling enables multiple hunters or shooters the ability to unleash Helibacon’s arsenal of automatic weapons while maintaining crystal clear comms with the crew chief and pilot, this adds to the safety as well as providing noise protection to the customers and crew.

“Skids up” is more than just an internal saying at Helibacon, it is the way in which we run our business. Our mission is to give you an unforgettable experience from beginning to end, both on and off the ground and adding the Axnes PNG WICS system will help us do it faster and safer.” Chris Britt (CEO/co-founder)

The system is designed for integration into any communications suite or to be deployed as a standalone mobile system. The system comes standard with AES256 encryption and provides robust, reliable, clear, and secure, full-duplex communications to crew members who are either wired or wireless. The PNG system incorporates unmatched noise cancelling capabilities, which makes it ideally suited for aerial hunting and gunnery operations. It also affords increased situational awareness for crew during ground checks, crew/ passenger swaps, and maintenance troubleshooting.

The PNG system is a digital full mission wireless intercom solution with the following unique features:

• Robust range with advanced integration into aircraft radios, mission maps and intercom systems allowing for radio repeater and relay functionality

• Full GPS integration and position data of handsets uploaded to aircraft installed mapping systems, ensuring situational awareness of dismounted crew

• Industry leading audio quality through proprietary Noise Cancelling, Non-Interrupted VOX and Echo Cancelling technology

• UHF and VHF frequencies incorporated with a very robust range

• Secure communications with AES-256 encryption standard

• Multiple handset integration and configurations with the ability to switch between aircraft simply and easily during missions

• Advanced battery life with over 40 hours standby and over 10 hours of full operational/continuous use

• Fully waterproof MP50 handset capability with integration into advanced headset and helmet options, including all major aviation off the shelf helmet and headset brands

February 1, 2022