Colorado Springs, CO,USA, July 6, 2023 –Axnes, a leading provider of cutting-edge communication systems for the aerospace industry, is proud to be recognized as the proven standard for Wireless Intercom Systems (WICS) for airborne public safety operations, both within the aircraft cabin and outside the aircraft. This ground breaking PNG WICS technology has revolutionized the way law enforcement agencies operate during critical missions. The PNG system has been widely adopted by respected public safety organizations such as the New York Police Department (NYPD), Texas Department of Public Safety, Arizona Department of Public Safety, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Utah Department of Public Safety, California Highway Patrol (CHP), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Maryland State Police (MSP), Norwegian Police Service, Guardia Civil Spain, Federal Police of Germany (BPol), Luxembourg Police, and Belgian Police, just to name a few.

As public safety operations continue to evolve, effective communication plays a pivotal role in ensuring successful outcomes. Recognizing this need, Axnes developed its state-of-the-art PNG Wireless Intercom System (WICS) which provides seamless, reliable, and secure communication between airborne personnel, ground teams, and command and control centers. PNG has helped our customers enhance a variety of their mission requirements; from human external cargo, search & rescue,hoist, and sniper and SWAT team operations.

Key features and benefits of the Axnes Wireless Intercom Systems (WICS) include:

  1. Exceptional Range and Coverage: Our WICS offers an extensive communication range, enabling real-time and uninterrupted communication between airborne and ground teams, regardless of the operating environment.
  2. Enhanced Security: We understand the significance of secure communication channels in public safety operations. Our WICS employs robust encryption algorithms, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access.
  3. Crystal-Clear Audio Quality: With advanced noise-cancellation technology and high-quality audio transmission, our WICS guarantees clear and intelligible communication, even in noisy or demanding operational conditions.
  4. Intuitive Design and Ease of Use: Our WICS is designed with user-friendly interfaces, intuitive controls, and ergonomic features, allowing personnel to focus on their critical tasks without unnecessary distractions.teroperability and Scalability: We believe in seamless collaboration among different agencies during joint operations. Our WICS supports interoperability, enabling smooth communication between diverse public safety entities, ensuring a coordinated response.
  5. By setting the standard for Wireless Intercom Systems (WICS), Axnes continues to equip law enforcement agencies with the most advanced communication tools available, enabling them to enhance their operational efficiency, response times, and overall effectiveness. The widespread adoption of our technology by esteemed organizations such as Texas DPS, AZ DPS, Utah DPS, CHP, BPol and CBP stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Brett Gardner, Vice President of Axnes Inc. said “We are proud to be the trusted partner and first choice of law enforcement agencies around the world, enabling them to overcome communication challenges and ensure the safety and security of communities they serve, and save lives. We are looking forward to connecting with this important community again in-person during the upcoming APSCON/ APSCON Unmanned 2023 expo in Orlando, FL, July 17 - 22, 2023 at the Orange County Convention Center. 

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July 6, 2023