Grimstad, Norway, January 30, 2024 - Axnes AS, a leading provider of innovative wireless intercom communication systems, is pleased to announce that it has been selected to deliver its cutting-edge PNG Wireless Intercom System (WICS) technology to the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) for their Puma HC Mk2 Air System. The PNG WICS will be utilized to enhance the aircrafts’ communication systems for Search and Rescue (SAR) applications and Human External Cargo (HEC) missions. The Axnes PNG system allows the Puma to meet all (UK/European standard requirements) for two-way radio communication for HEC operations.

The contract win entails the provision of a wireless radio communication system to connect and operate with the Puma HC Mk2 Air System Inter-Communication System(ICS). Each system will consist of a BST35 mobile base station, which wirelessly connects to a minimum of one deployable MP50 handheld transceiver, ensuring seamless communication with a range of at least 500 meters.

The Axnes PNG WICS, selected by the UK MOD, is designed to enable wireless communication in and around the Puma helicopters, specifically for rescue swimmers during SAR operations. The system is equipped with advanced features including full-duplex, hands-free, VOX operation, which allows for easy communication even in extremely high noise environments. Its robust design ensures reliability and performance in the harshest and most challenging operational conditions.

"We are honored to have been awarded this prestigious contract by the UK Ministry of Defence," said Morten Skrøvje, CEO of Axnes AS. "Our advanced wireless communication technology will greatly enhance the capabilities of the UK MOD Puma helicopters, enabling effective and efficient SAR operations. We are proud to contribute to the safety and success of search and rescue missions."

The PNG WICS frees crew members from the encumbrance of wired connections to the intercom while minimizing the potential for ICS cord snag hazards. Additionally, this wireless solution provides the ability to move freely within as well as outside theaircraft while maintaining real-time communication with the crew.

January 30, 2024