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In maritime operations, heavy weather conditions, running engines and wind noise demand clear communication for the on-board crew. The PNG WICS system offers a waterproof wireless intercom solution that will allow for clear robust communication during maritime operations.
The PNG Mission Wireless Intercom offers a fully waterproof intercom solution for all types of maritime operations. The PNG system has unmatched noise-cancelling technology, allowing crew to keep full duplex, voice operated and secure communication increasing situational awareness both on and off board.

Axnes also supplies waterproof headsets, with different mounting capabilities, making it compatible with helmets like the Ops-Core helmet, Gecko helmets and many others providing a fully customizable solution. The PNG handset also incorporates Maritime VHF capability, making communication on the Maritime VHF channel possible. The GPS technology allows crew tracking combined with the ability to remotely activate an AIS SART Man Over Board frequency transmission from the platform, providing highly increased levels of safety to maritime operations.