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Military ground operations such as armored vehicles, artillery units and ground support units are exposed to high-noise surroundings, making clear communication more important.
The PNG mission wireless intercom provides a full duplex, patented Non-Interrupted VOX operated way of communication. The system is designed and certified to relevant military standards. With its origin in the helicopter Search & Rescue, the PNG system is designed to cancel out extreme high noises and is robust and fully dust and waterproof. The system also offers various high level military encryption and security capabilities.
The PNG is designed to give ground crew members during ground operations the ability to communicate securely (AES-256 standard) both with the team on the ground and the crew inside the vehicle or base of operations. The PNG system provides advanced integration options to mission systems and maps, for increased command and control efficiency.

The PNG system can integrate seamlessly with the wired ICS of the armored vehicle, allowing the military personnel to maintain communication even when disembarking from the vehicle. The system can also be connected to mission map systems on board, to show where all team members are located, using GPS transponders on their handhelds. The system lets  personnel on board warn disembarked crew of incoming threats or hazards faster through wireless communication which leads to increased safety and situational awareness.