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In military maritime operations, heavy weather conditions, running engines and wind noise demand clear and secure communication for on- and off board military personnel.
The PNG WICS system offers a waterproof wireless intercom solution that will allow for clear robust communication that is designed and certified to military standards and offers high level of encryption capabilities for military operations. The PNG system can be used for typical military operations in the maritime environment, such as boarding parties, on-deck communication on aircraft carriers and naval vessels, maritime SAR operations and allows maritime operators to work more effectively together in high noise surroundings on board.

The PNG WICS Mobile Base Station (BST30/35) allows operators to have their stand-alone wireless ICS with them at all times and is carried as a manpack wireless intercom system. The Base Station 60 (BST60) is tested and qualified to relevant military standards and can be accompanied by various types of handhelds that are designed and certified to military standards.  

The PNG Base Stations easily integrate with the existing ICS of any vessels’ intercom system and is capable of connecting to the main tactical radio. Axnes offers security of communication by supplying various levels of encryption, both hardware and software, of which AES-256 encryption comes as the standard encryption. For dedicated WICS and Encryption levels up to high military levels please contact us.

The PNG system incorporates a GPS function, which allows the handheld transceivers to be shown on mission maps, which results in better coordination and command of all crew members and operators.  

The PNG Mission Wireless Intercom offers a fully waterproof wireless intercom solution that has unmatched noise-cancelling technology, allowing crew to keep full duplex, voice operated and military encrypted communication. This greatly increases situational awareness both on and off board.