Grimstad,Norway and Colorado, USA – February 12, 2024 - Axnes AS, a leading global provider of wireless communication solutions, today announced the company’s continued growth in 2023. Over the course of the year, Axnes successfully cemented itself as a global leader in rugged, reliable wireless intercommunication systems, launching multiple new capabilities, closing three significant program wins and continuing to deliver success across international military and civilian customers.

“This year, Axnes set out to expand our global footprint and elevate the wireless intercom system’s flexibility and innovation to drive international adoption and customer success across military and civilian use cases,” said Klaus Früwirth, CMO of Axnes, AS. “In 2023, we reached new heights and we’re thankful to our employees, partners and clients for their support as we continue to build on this momentum in the new year.”

New Capability Launches: To meet customer demand for enhanced flexibility and support new use cases, Axnes launched three new capabilities for the PNG wireless intercom system (WICS).

·      Tactical Team Bubble - Delivered to enable users to establish a dedicated network for the real-time transfer of mission-critical information while maintaining reliable communication in critical operations, even when temporarily separated, offering unmatched agility and flexibility.

·      MP30 Compact Base Station - Developed to meet the diverse needs of Axnes’ customers, the MP30 Compact Base Station enables users to leverage an MP30 handheld to replace mounted BST35 and BST50 base stations for increased flexibility.

·       Software Release 3 – The new Software Release 3 introduces several new capabilities for the PNG WICS ecosystem, including automatic frequency selection designed to dynamically change if frequency congestion is detected, increased audio clarity and performance, and the introduction of System IDs enabling the setup of a closed system by only allowing designated transceivers into the network.

Significant Contract Wins: Axnes’ global growth in 2023 was driven by a wide customer range, as well as a number of major international contract wins.

·      U.K. Ministry of Defence - Tapped for its expertise delivering rugged wireless communication systems, Axnes has delivered PNG WICS units to the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence to equip the fleet of Puma HC Mk2 Air System.

·      Bristow Group Aircraft Fleet Upgrade - Selected to enhance critical crew connectivity and communication, Axnes supplied PNG WICS units for Bristow’s AW139, AW189, and S-92 fleet to deliver crystal-clear audio quality, real-time situational awareness, and robust reliability.

·      U.S. Army M88A2 Hercules Recovery Vehicles - Awarded the contract to equip 105 of the U.S. Army Program Executive Office (PEO), Ground Systems Command’s (GCS) M88 Recovery Vehicles with BST63 Base Station and MP63 handheld transceiver for field testing and evaluation to support mission-critical communication.

Global Customer Success: Axnes continued to meet customer demand with its wireless intercom system’s reliable, crystal-clear audio for critical communication.

·       Recognized as “the proven standard for wireless intercom systems” for airborne public safety operations - Adopted and in use across more than fifty international law enforcement agencies, Axnes’ PNG WICS serves as trusted partner and proven standard for mission-critical communications systems.

·       PNG WICS Supports Italian Flood Evacuations - Leveraged by the Italian Air Force for search and rescue operations in the wake of flooding in Northern Italy, the PNG WICS system was commended for its “pivotal role” in enabling effective communication during hoisting operations day and night.

·       Caught in the Wild - Since launching the Axnes Caught in the Wild customer engagement campaign, Axnes has received more than 100 submissions from various customers and partners showcasing their real-world use of the Axnes PNG WICS system.

·       Global Trade Show Presence - The Axnes team attended over 35 major international trade shows in 2023, including HeliExpo, GVSETS, DESI, AUSA, European Rotor Show and ECHO Conference and delivered morethan 70 onsite demos of the PNG WICS system to global civilian and military customers.

Corporate Company Updates: The company celebrated its continued growth by opening a new office and expanding operations to better serve customers across the globe.

·       Appoints new CEO - Morten Skrøvje, who previously held the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO), was appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in May of 2023.

·       Opening of new headquarters and production facility - In alignment with the company’s continued growth, Axnes occupied its new headquarters and production facility in Grimstad, Norway in September 2023.

“2023 has been a hallmark year for Axnes, capturing record growth and earning international recognition through the company’s contract wins with organizations including awide range airborne law enforcement organizations, HEMS operators, the UK Ministry of Defence and the U.S. Army,” said Markus Schmitz, managing director of Axnes, Inc. “We’re proud of the excellent work we’ve done this year and believe our achievements accurately represent where our priorities lie: enabling success and safety of our customers.”

February 13, 2024